New litter is coming!

Pregnancy confirmed, we will have puppies soon! Our Duchessa and Keops will be parents again! ❤️❤️ Hope they will bring happines to many families in this hard year ❤️


Father: Keops von Hosterhaus (Agadir Alarm Beskyd x Viacirka’s Lady of The Lake), HD/A, ED/0, DCM clear N/N, Grand Ch Serbia, Grand Ch Romania, Ch Macedonia, Junior Ch Serbia, Jun Ch Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1xClub Winner, 2xJunior Club Winner, 1xDerby Winner, 3xVP, 9xJCAC, 13xCAC, 6xCACIB, 2xBOS, 11xBOB, 1xJBOG, 1xJBIS2.
Mother: Duchessa of Cindy Land (Nois Epoha Masaal Master x Clytia Pepper Grand Calvera) HD/A, ED/0, DCM clear N/N, Ch Serbia, Junior Ch Serbia, 1xClub Winner, 2xPuppy Club Winner, 1xDerby Winner, 6xVP, 3xJCAC, 5xCAC, 5xBOB, 1xBOG3, 1xBabyBIS3, 1xPuppyBIS, 2xPuppyBIS2.