Children & Dogs

“There is something very special that connects children & dogs:
Their innocence, goodness, honesty and pure heart”.

Jovan Pejić, father & breeder            

Dogs do not have to speak, dogs do not lie, they just feel our emotions and intentions. When children grow up together with a puppy, they learn to feel in an additional instinctive way, they socialize with their environment and with the roots of nature. Simply, they both learn from the good ones what is good (“Einfach sie lernen von den Guten, was Tut Gut“).

Children & schnauzer puppy

In our family, we have always loved all animals, we used to had a cat, and in present time we have our four schnauzers, a turtle, aquarium fishes and shrimps, and all of them fulfills childhood and growing up of our two children. Although many breeders prefer buyers who will show their puppy at dog exhibitions, we will always give priority to family with children, with whom the dog will be surrounded by joy and love. Our children and dogs are happier together, and we also wish the same for all.

We are also very proud that our children learn quickly about puppies needs, breed standard and also training and handling a dog in ring.

Next pictures show how our children grow up together with our dogs.